My Reasons To Consider Twitter For Mac a Failure

I’m officially joining the crowd of people complaining about the new Twitter for Mac app for three very simple reasons:

  • It does not work properly with the Accessibility APIs (I can’t resize the window programmatically, for starters, and even moving it doesn’t seem to work right)
  • It is not scriptable by any means
  • It is full of distracting, gratuitous animations that completely nullify any improvements it might have

I suppose that most people won’t care. Worse still, I suppose Twitter themselves won’t care, judging by the way they seem to prefer glitz over usability.

Oh, and as a bonus, try pinch-zooming a tweet on the iPad app a few times. There, I’ve found another bug for you.

Update: In the meantime, I’m assured that the first two issues are being addressed, and reassured that I’m not alone in the third.