Dawn Break

I’ve been spending my meager allotment of time for things digital zipping through news at 6AM and ordering fresh batteries for the house UPSes (yes, there’s two of them), a chore that only bears mentioning because they are probably the longest-lived chunks of hardware I have that are still supported in some fashion (buy APC, you won’t regret it).

As to the analog parts of my life, they are mostly about books and baby bottles on my free time and trying to do three impossible things at once before lunchtime, an ordinarily fun occupation that is starting to pale a bit – not because such things are truly impossible, but rather because a lot of them are impossible to achieve by any rational means on a sprawling multinational, and lateral thinking can only go so far when you’re not fully in control.

Job satisfaction isn’t stellar, then, although I cannot really find fault with the people around me – it’s more about the overall context and my ingrained need to have (and others’), mostly by cutting down on the number of wild goose chases and patiently negotiating some realism into things.

There are, however, compensations – I would certainly exchange a bit of today’s early morning quiet for a bit more sleep and a lot more realism.

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