At the crack of a new dawn

So I’ll soon be heading for my third day back at work, and blissfully oblivious as to most novelties in the industry, having spent the last week nursing kids (the eldest being now and the youngest being constantly, ravenously hungry), myself (not only is it allergy season, all the usual sneezing and headaches have developed into the wondrous feeling of having a towel tightly wrapped around my head and nose, like the sinus trouble I get from flying) and even less sleep resulting from the above.

It all passes, of course – my eldest is better and I slept at least six straight hours today, so I feel reasonably normal again (if not like a sprightly Spring chicken – for one, I lack a craving for grain) and the weather is looking up.

Work-wise, I had a great welcome back, a bunch of stuff to catch up on (I’ve already landed into another set of tight, overlapping and near-kamikaze deadlines to fulfill alongside everything else), and a karmic sequence of both good and bad breaks.

For one, my voice is temporarily gone (, I now sound a lot like “Lord Vader”:Wikipedia:Darth_Vader when I can talk), but there’s fun stuff coming.

Writing-wise, my backlog keeps growing. I’ve a few interesting tidbits regarding storage coming up, though. Stay tuned.