Minor Adjustments

Probably due to sleep deprivation, on the landed in an entirely different folder, making it seem like it was published on… March 8th. This year.

Talk about writing about the future, huh?

I’ve fixed the URL (apologies for any dupes on your feeds), but simply don’t have the energy to move the comments across right now. There’s only so much you can do with an and an client (having a text editor in the app would have made moving things around a lot easier, too…).

Anyway, I might not be posting anything that big for a while – with two kids there’s a whole new domestic routine to get used to, so I have a feeling most of my current drafts will be in limbo for a while yet.

If you’re interested in more opinion pieces, Gruber has been posting links to a few, and the comment threads for both Tim Bray’s short piece and Mark Pilgrim’s musings still seem to be simmering with both off-the-cuff responses and some rather thoughtful ones.

And nobody on those actually used the device yet – fascinating…