All of this has happened before...

If you’re a regular reader, then surely you know by now that I hate HP’s software with a passion that is steadily fueled by the complete and utter uselessness of its installers, their absurdly idiotic setup wizards, the flaky drivers, the “value-added” applications that are full of junk features, and the extraordinarily poor user experience they deliver in whole or in part.

I have pledged, time and again, to only buy an HP printer for my home again if it has an “Ethernet”:Wikipedia:Ethernet port and handles straight-up “PostScript”:Wikipedia:PostScript via a standard, no-frills lpr spooler, and remain resolute in that regard.

For today, while trying to set up my printer on another , I’ve met with more proof that the VISE installer engine is the spawn of the $UNDIVINITY and that its legions intend to make a mess of my machines, for the installer stalled here:

…and then, after a good while, it refused to detect my printer under a non-admin user, even though I saw it in the bus just fine.

Changing to an admin user worked, of course, but that is incredibly stupid in 2009.

And I then got stuck further down the road when trying to set printer defaults. It turns out that things only started worked when I rebooted, even though there was no indication of that anywhere.

software this bad is beyond me. You would think it was written by the guys who did the Adobe Creative Suite installer or something.

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