Paging PyObjC Gurus

I’ve been enjoying life in a pseudo-offline fashion (in the sense that I’ve studiously avoided wasting time on and pruning RSS feeds in favor of actually using my machines to accomplish stuff), and in the midst of a strange cocktail of work-related legal document reviews (don’t ask, ), family photo shoots and a couple of debugging sessions (there was a nasty platform-dependent bug on the monitoring scripts I use to keep this site ticking), I’ve been messing (of all things) with Spotlight and .

Now, here’s the thing: this sample is a pretty invaluable reference, but I’m having a bit of trouble with query results themselves, since I am getting into doing nested searches (i.e., find all the files exchanged with contact X, regardless of method and type) and need to understand query notification results a bit better (not in terms of the sequence of events, but how best to iterate through heterogenous query results, and how to manage multiple parallel queries).

In a nutshell, I need more (good) example code. Anyone out there doing this in ?