Around 7 AM yesterday, at about the time I managed to get out of bed, the faithful box that I shared with Pedro, Nuno and Delfim for many years now blew a power supply and managed to fry a few other selected (and not all quite yet identified) bits of electronics, and will be retired fairly soon (at least as soon as they can get their stuff out).

I’m told it was quite a show, with the floppy drive frying and giving off smoke and all.

Fortunately, my whole site (content and code) is in two widely replicated Mercurial repositories (I have a copy of each on nearly every machine I use) and I have an rsync script I run every now and then to do a full image of my home directory to my Mac mini, so nothing (of mine) was lost.

Having played around with a Slicehost instance for a bit a few weeks back, and thanks to Pedro for lending me his staging slice to get a mini-site up and running overnight, I decided to take the plunge and get one of my own, since it was more than able to cope with this site’s requirements – which are pretty damn near negligible in terms of “CPU”:Wikipedia:CPU, disk space and network use (remember, I optimize this on an NSLU2, so it’s very lightweight).

Slicehost has always appealed to me in a way (and seems to have a better feature set than Mosso), and now they have a good chance to impress me. So far, everything’s good.

Of course, a few things were broken due to minor differences in internal paths, Python vagaries and whatnot. And, to add insult to injury, I am running an Ubuntu slice (which I picked because I have spent far too long managing RedHat variants in the past, but which I nevertheless find annoying in many little ways).

I will be fixing those (as time permits) over the next few… weeks? months? and keeping you posted.

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