7 Days to Go

Vacations are progressing more or less as planned, which means that I’ve been catching up on popular culture (i.e., cult ), books, and having another go at backing up my stuff, all while trying to get the kid to eat, sleep, wash, etc.

I’ve also been paying attention to tech retail (even such overinflated and outdated stuff as you can get here), and, on a related note to the above, noticed that BD recorders are getting cheaper – but without official support, I’m still shuffling a bunch of coasters around instead of doing proper snapshots to a single disc.

So yeah, I’d probably join the diffuse cloud of optical storage nuts1 that are pining for to integrate Blu-Ray into their product line if I wasn’t 200% sure that no matter what I wish for, there is no way to ensure that it is aligned with what intends to do next.

That’s realism for you, I guess.

On a more hopeful note, given that they apparently fixed2 “#6084474”:Radar:6084474 on the 2.1 firmware, maybe (just maybe) some of my wishes are getting through – thanks, guys.

1 Hmmm. Aerosolized nuts? Even I surprise myself with my turns of phrase sometimes.

2 Reported on 2008-07-17