Five Things I Learned Today

  1. You can merge iPhoto libraries on two machines by sharing them and dragging and dropping shared items, but it is a right pain: originals (obviously) don’t carry across, your metadata is useless (unless you moved it to EXIF headers on the images themselves) and camera movies aren’t shared for some reason.
  2. Firewire networking is still a “just works” proposition under Leopard (it’s been a while since I hooked two machines together that way).
  3. It is not a good idea to merge 5.848 Dilbert cartoons and your photos in the same library (didn’t mean to, it just happened).
  4. Back to My Mac works sensibly in Leopard, but it is slow and does not display a spinning beachball, thereby making you click around and waste your time when remote apps are hung.
  5. Carrying a 5Kg child around most of the day will make your back go numb – or worse.

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