Settling in

The home renovation saga is pretty much finished, and we’ve moved back in to a cardboard box jungle that is being cleared out piecemeal as stuff gravitates to its usual (or unusual) place – a process that is taking up a lot of time and energy, and that has kept me from musing publicly about rather inane stuff like the upcoming WWDC, the .Mac revamp rumors and other trivia.

There is what I believe to be about half a metric ton of books to put away in (as yet nonexistent) shelves, and it is at these times when I wish that IKEA had some sort of turnkey ordering process.

After all, it strikes me as particularly stupid that I can have the stuff delivered and assembled, but that it is absolutely necessary for me to go over to their store, fish out the pieces from the storeroom and drag them myself from there to the cashier and then further on to the service area to get them stored again for delivery – I would gladly pay extra for the whole service, but, alas, they simply do not do it.

(you just try doing that for four bookcases yourself – even a single one is a major challenge)

Still, one endures. I hope to have some place to sit down in front of a computer inside of this decade or so.

Update: My wife, being the resourceful kind, took the kid and a lady friend and got the staff to help them. But no, there was no other way – thanks for writing in.

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