One Year in Old Shoes

Things have been somewhat tougher than usual at the office, and as a result a number of my personal projects have temporarily fallen by the wayside (my Office 2008 review, which barely got started, an update on my photo album antics and a couple of other pieces – plus pretty much all my time to code).

That, of course, is just about normal around here. The interesting (and noteworthy) thing is that I’ve recently completed a full year back in Marketing and, unlike the last few years I spent in Engineering, I’m actually pretty happy about what I’m doing (although realistically, I’d love to have a slightly different work/life balance).

So yeah, I’m having fun again. Mostly. I still feel that I haven’t really been writing as much as I want to (marshaling inspiration is a difficult task when most of it goes into the job), but more on that later.