Settling In

So, here’s another minor update on my getting settled with Leopard – something that I’ve been doing piecemeal over the past week, since these days I’ve found it nearly impossible to sit at my iMac for any prolonged length of time.

Turns out I’ve got whatever strain of flu is going around, so today’s holiday couldn’t have been timed better. Incidentally, spending all morning curled up in bed with a good book (this time it was Perdido Street Station) is one of life’s little pleasures I hadn’t enjoyed in a long, long while, even if I’m coughing and sniffling most of the time.

Following many hints regarding Leopard finally having proper ssh-agent behavior, I’ve since stopped using SSHKeychain in favor of it (you can find a neat visual guide here if you can’t figure it out for yourself). I will miss the tunneling features, but those can easily be replaced by a few small shell scripts.

And in between trying to figure out why I still can’t print, I’ve been playing around with’s Notes and To-Do, which seem to play along quite nicely with Gmail IMAP – or at least well enough for me to temporarily remove iGTD from my Dock.

Regarding e-mail, I can also report full success on setting up all my Gmail accounts under Tiger, syncing those to .Mac and having them pop up correctly on Leopard after syncing. All I needed to do was type in my passwords again.

And no, I don’t think I will be using .Mac to sync my Keychain until I have another go at examining .Mac network traffic to see if it is secure enough.

Interestingly enough, .Mac mail has been on the blink throughout the day – not the best timing considering that I now have two very fast IMAP accounts on Gmail, which are performing wonderfully were it not for the rather pointless and asinine “All Mail” folder/label that Google engineers decided to make visible over IMAP.

Not only does it serve no real purpose (considering that I don’t really want to assign more than one label/folder to a message), it forces me to download twice as many messages and waste twice the disk space.

I suppose I could blame Apple for (still) not implementing “proper” IMAP folder subscriptions, but I would think that Google is mostly at fault here – what “All Mail” really ought to be is “All Other Mail” and show you any messages that aren’t assigned to a folder/label.

Now that would be useful.

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