The BerryBorg Says, "Resistance is Futile"

After a week’s rest (or rather, a week crammed with meetings to which I didn’t take my laptop and evenings spent in front of the TV), some massages, exercise and a muscle relaxant, I can again type OK (if slowish), and have started clearing out my personal inbox (thanks to all those who wrote in or linked to me).

There has been quite a bit going on, most of which (since it has been quite fun) I regret to have to bury under my Disclaimer. Maybe one day I’ll get around to actually write something directly related to work, but for now I’ll stick to the tried and true approach of not even hinting at stuff until it becomes public (and, most particularly, not letting on what I do until it’s launched).

Anyway, here’s some safe stuff: I got myself a BlackBerry again, and am readjusting to an utterly amazing e-mail experience (ActiveSync on the E90 was good, but every new revision of the BlackBerry reminds me why it’s still the best) and a somewhat “meh” browsing experience (ah, those 800×352 pixels…).

But having the amazing little trackball and over a dozen lines of text on screen (and not even using the smallest font) more than makes up for it.

Now all I need to do (since I’ve already disabled every single option for notification of incoming e-mail) is to get it to switch off mail reception automatically when I leave the office.

After all, even the best e-mail experience can be stress-inducing if you start pecking at each and every message that comes your way (there is hardly any point in doing so when you should be focusing on things closer at hand).

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