You Have To Touch To Sync

One thing that irked me about the iPhone and that is starting to feel like a glaring omission in the iPod Touch is the lack of any wireless syncing.

Even considering the added drain on the battery (which doesn’t seem to worry anyone who designs an online store for such a device, and should be doable with the 22/5 hours quoted for audio/video playback), the inability to sync or access your iTunes library over Wi-Fi is, well… dumb.

Why not have at least a DAAP client on the thing? Or act as an interactive remote for Front Row or the Apple TV?

Let me see if I get this straight: Apple finally has something that is usable as a home tablet (albeit too small for things like e-books, etc.), and cripples it?

Albeit for a good reason – selling music and ringtones is sure to be more profitable for them than entering the home media fray in earnest…

I suppose this will be yet another Apple product that will get just enough incremental updates to keep the hype going – and fail to deliver the goods before being obsoleted by the next shiny thing.

That is Apple’s big skill – toying with news and media outlets to maximize their visibility while delivering products that they will render obsolete before sales start to drop.