Long Break

I am now officially on vacation, which feels tremendously liberating. Although I had taken a few days off earlier during a lull in product launches, things have recently started to peak again to a point where a decent rest was not only in order, but clearly overdue.

Oh, yeah – a word on product launches, because I haven’t had time to mention it yet:

Last Wednesday, Vodafone Portugal launched a major promotional offer for the Duplex ADSL consumer and business offerings – if you join until September 30th, you’ll get 24Mbps for Eur. 9.9/month until March 31st 2008 and unlimited traffic for 24 months (regardless of what tariff plan you subscribe to), plus other niceties I mentioned previously, including the option to have instant internet access via HSDPA mobile broadband.

But that’s besides the point now – being on vacation means I don’t have to keep track of the hectic broadband market here in Portugal (even though I’ve already managed to dent my vacation by agreeing to deliver an internal presentation on a few aspects of the overall project next week).

Anyway, on to the fun stuff: I just got a little note saying that my netgrowl code is being used in Mumbles, a Growl-like, plugin driven notification system for “Gnome”:Wikipedia:GNOME – which is precisely the kind of thing I wrote it for (remember when I tried to lobby for making Growl a standard three years ago?):

Pretty neat. I hope it takes off the way Growl did in the Mac universe.

On the subject of coding, I will try to clean up my numerous fixes to Yaki and commit them during the next couple of days. It will be a challenge (I still have to pack, run numerous errands, etc.), but I think it’s doable.

Watch this space.