Guess What, Opera Listens!

Remember my ? Well, Opera has just released Opera Beta 2, which, despite reporting the same version number (4.0(0)) upon download, fixes most of my issues with it:

  • It now has the “small” font size we know and loved from version 3
  • It provides better control of page adjustments (not that much better, but noticeable)
  • It lets you rotate the screen (can’t wait to do this on an E90, just for the hell of it)
  • It has specific features (I’m guessing that the Pearl’s trackball will now work as expected, but I’ll have to get one to check this out)
  • It lets you add custom search engines (no, isn’t built in, but it seems easy to add a search engine from any search field on any page, which is extra nice)

No apparent improvements in bookmark management or the ability to send links to other people, but this raises my hopes they’ll show up eventually.