The Wiki Cloud

In one of those funny bouts of syncrhonicity, Melo echoes a lot of what I’ve been thinking about lately concerning Wikis, and which I’ve dubbed the “Wiki Cloud”.

The Wiki Cloud could be described as follows:

Grab a distributed SCM like , bolt it on to (or simply schedule a recurrent pull from a “reference” repository people contribute to) and get a group of people to work together on maintaining a site or a federation of related sites.

All the plumbing required already exists, all the data storage methods have been thoroughly tested, and any SCM worth its salt should be able to cope.

And, as it happens, my to is one of the first steps in moving from to Sashimi, which has been languishing in my Development folder for a while.

See for more on how Yaki, Sashimi and Sushi tie together.

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