Hg At Room Temperature

I have just finished moving the entirety of this site to , in two distinct repositories (one for code and one for page data and assorted media). The whole thing was pretty painless (mostly hg init; hg add .; hg commit with a few cleanups along the way), and I expect to do the same for to some degree.

Since Code uses , I will have to fiddle a bit with it to ensure that I can do day-to-day development in and push out stable snapshots now and then – maybe I will tie into Snakelets somehow and find a way for to literally publish its own repository (which would be cool), but only time will tell.

Additionally, the bundle for (despite lacking the polish of its equivalent) has a very neat “Push to default repo” action that enables me to push changes to the site after testing and committing them locally, which is also a plus.

This will hopefully help me coordinate coding across my laptop and desktop, as well as making it far easier to backup stuff (I just ignore the top-level .hg directory, and that’s it).

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