Apple Shoots Self In Foot With iMovie'08

Although this quip might seem cruel, apparently even “brillant engineers” forget about backwards compatibility, functionality and usability. But don’t take my word for it – ask David Pogue, who has gone on at length regarding the latest .

The most worrying aspect, though, is the dumbing down of consumer software. By removing features rather than migrating them downwards from the Pro line, is making a heinous mistake that ultimately decreases the perceived value of the suite (and hence one of the strong selling points for newcomers).

This newfound myopia in software design (let’s make it cooler, flashier and more fun, never mind substance or completeness) is why I think will never be as remotely useful as , nor will we ever see a “middle-of-the-road” photography product from .

After all, they just torpedoed their video equivalent by competing with themselves and failing.

And if you think back and wonder if it started with , you’d be about right.

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