This has been a somewhat patchy week so far, with my having to run miscellaneous errands here and there and trying for some quality time at home.

Which means that the auto-importer I recently added to has been doing double time around here – again, the links will only show up on the full “Bliki” feed, so folk who don’t subscribe to that might want to drop in to the home page once in a while.

I’ve got a few new ideas regarding mobile apps and such that may well end up here in the next few days, but right now I’m more interested in catching up with e-mail (yes, you may actually get a reply soon) and figuring out what has been going on in a few other fields in the past few months.

For instance, I’m playing around with (Melo pointed it out in a mailing-list conversation) and finding it very interesting indeed – the thing seems to be a very nicely thought out UI atop perfectly standard services, and I like it so far (for one thing, the bits are well hidden).

More on this (and other stuff) later in the week.