I’ve been somewhat off-line due to the need to deal with a few bits of physical and digital clutter around the house, but I’d like to start off with a tip of the hat to Pedro Leite for picking “A Conspiracy of Paper”:ISBN:034911420X and “Portuguese Irregular Verbs”:ISBN:1405500603 off my wishlist – I’m sure to have quite a few enjoyable hours during the next few weeks thanks to him.

In the meantime, I’ve been mulling some of the current limitations a bit beyond my and am starting to wonder if it is, indeed, suitable for the “European“European market. It’s not the browser – it’s the ability to do stuff with it beyond the relatively meagre basics.

And I’m not talking about sophisticated stuff that requires native applications – for instance, I just picked off the latest episode of Gruber and Dan’s podcast off their site in a few seconds over HSDPA and listened to it during my commute.

And, take note, I did that in a device that’s bound to cost about half of what the goes for right now, without any special tricks (I subscribe to the show’s RSS feed with my built-in feed reader).

But without turning this into a handset comparison (which is pointless), there are a lot of tricky aspects where it relates to pushing a top-of-the-line device in any European market. For starters (as you can see for yourself visiting a retailer site), there is plenty of competition, and the current “average” value phone is pretty sophisticated – as are tariff plans, services, and the customer relationship.

There are quite a few angles to explore and corners to look around of, and I’m starting to wish I had more time to write.

But alas, that is not to be just now.