Yaki Has Landed

For better or for worse, this site is now running atop – all 4125 Wiki pages’ worth of it.

RSS feeds should work but are bound to act a little funky for a few days. There will be some pages moved around and at least one outstanding bug to fix there.

The bottom line is that if you still weren’t using the FeedBurner URL, you’ll have to change today, or wait until I fix it (which may yet take some time.)

The photo album is currently somewhat broken (haven’t fixed the templating for it) and I have already placed standing redirects all throughout the place – so if you click on a link to the old site structure, you will (hopefully) be redirected to the right place.

Comments and Technorati tags, however, will take a bit more.

Please hold off on the bug reports for now, I am aware of plenty of them. Release early, release often.

And now, back to our scheduled programming – literally.

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