Worst. Open Source. Re-Branding. Ever.

Okay, I’ve finally gone and had a look at the Pidgin website web site, and purple is definitely not my colour.

The name was bad enough (it is notoriously English-centric despite all the arguments put forward, is a pretty pointless pun, and manages to be more ridiculous than the GIMP’s), but the colour…

Oh boy.

Still, I’ll probably use it on once there’s a Portable Apps version. MSN’s new iteration can be stripped of its banner ads and advertising, but I miss Adium on , and was the closest thing…

Minor Update On Migrating To Yaki

In the meantime, the site migration is still going on under the hood. Some minor instability is to be expected, so don’t be surprised if feeds and the like become a bit wonky over the next week or so.