On The "Final" Wii Internet Channel

Yeah, well, I hope they issue an update. I'm feeling testy because Kurt Vonnegut is no longer with us and got delayed until October due to the , but the fact is that the initial joy of arriving home to see the Wii's blue slot glowing soon gave way to disappointment.

Good points:

  • Full screen, at last (you can set the toolbar to auto-hide).
  • Scroll mode is slightly improved.
  • The app loads noticeably faster from the Wii channel menu.
  • Single-column mode now displays a scrollbar (makes it a bit easier to move around).
  • It's free to download until July.

Bad points:

  • For 20 minutes or so, it refused to display my (internal, LAN) home page, even though it has only about 12 lines of HTML code and a bunch of graphs. After the upgrade, I've been experiencing odd hiccups while surfing, even when loading the homepage (and no, it's not a matter of Wi-Fi coverage or bandwidth).
  • Still won't allow you to set a proper home page (you will always get the internal Wii one)
  • Single-column mode doesn't allow zoom (which is plain stupid, since I may want to read a page in single-column mode but without 5cm-tall letters)
  • Still stuck at Flash 7 - and worse, Flash movies are automatically (and wrongly) resized when you try to zoom in.
  • Still doesn't support Chinese characters, at least the pages I visited.

I understand that it's not easy to shoehorn a browser into the Wii, but I was expecting a fair bit more by now.