Saw the PS3 on sale today at three different places. Didn't look as though it was flying off the shelves (not at the ludicrously high price it's being sold), but it seemed a lot easier to find than another nunchuck controller for my Wii (yes, yes, I know, the distributor is making a hash of it, etc., etc. - but at least there were more games on display).

  • People are going ballistic over Joyent Slingshot, even though all there is for now is a blog post. Like I when Apollo hit the net, why do we keep reinventing the wheel?
  • Ericsson has reportedly pulled the plug on their WiMax efforts. Which kind of confirms what I've always thought, considering that I spent the on the receiving end of a lot of vendor and never saw any point in it. That said, LTE is () still a fair bit away, so someone may yet make a relevant deployment of WiMax. I'm not holding my breath, though.
  • The has already been hacked to run (i.e., to play DivX files, which is what most people really want to do with it) and more hacks seem to be popping up everywhere. I'm not at all surprised it was this quick - I was, however, astonished to find that ships it without cables.
  • Don't you just love patents? I've been following this with considerable interest for , but I'm still fascinated with the way it's twisting and turning.
  • 7.04 beta has been released to mirrors. So far, no hints of true plug-and-play dual-head setup or fixes for any of my usual gripes with (only a lot of noise about Beryl and suchlike nonsense). But the recent emergence of some neat tricks means it's still worth paying attention to.