Shiny Toys

Yep, the (or whatever) is shipping, Walt Mossberg has had his say, and I'm still wondering if there will ever be a time when it's feasible for someone in to have access to foreign shows through the Store. And no, I don't think there will be a good answer to that anytime soon, but there's lots of other stuff to look at in the meantime:

  • jMe has been up for a while, but I only recently stumbled upon it while searching for jQuery stuff. Awesome on , slightly broken on Firefox (which, incidentally, just came out yesterday).
  • Still on the same vein, I also came across Plotr (might be simple to disentangle from and build upon jQuery). I think I already had a link to it squirreled away somewhere, but this time I have a use for it.
  • has been bumped up a notch, and has a much better, vastly more professional (and apparently quite controversial) logo that replaces that rather pointless butterfly (Free association? yeah, right. Sure.)
  • Apollo is out. I already decided that I won't have anything to do with it for a long while (i.e., until it is at least a beta), but it looks promising. But I find it very amusing to have yet another way to do "rich internet applications", or even cross-platform ones. I mean, we now have , Flash, , Mono, Ajax and umpteen variations on them. I can understand why failed miserably in its web and desktop goals, but do we really need something else?
  • 37 Signals has come up with Highrise, a "lite CRM" contact manager application that looks a lot like their other products - nice, well-thought out and amazingly intuitive (the screenshots show you everything you can do at a glance, and a lot of their previous applications' interaction model was re-used). There's also a angle to it, although purists will probably turn their nose at the lack of contexts other than contacts.

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