Personal Interlude

I've been somewhat preoccupied with work of late - a recurring topic in these personal notes of mine, for sure, but one that keeps preventing me from firing up yet another computer (even one as friendly and enjoyable as the Mac) and going about my usual business at home. But it isn't the only thing keeping me from writing.

As it happens, my priorities are changing. And an old theory of mine (that you can only write a finite number of words a day, regardless of whether it's in a programming language or in a natural one) is being revisited daily, for not only am I involved in a lot of reading, writing and reviewing of late, I am finding that I like what I am doing in Marketing now as much as coding or writing the occasional post.

Maybe (just maybe) a little more, even.

Which is interesting, because I am vastly more relaxed at work than I used to be - i.e., I take things a lot more calmly, don't fret about problems, and deal with everything in a much more restrained fashion (which has the additional entertaining side-effect of making some people I used to work with extremely nervous once they realize they can't faze me anymore).

My Dr. House-like glibness is still present, of course, but I no longer roam the floors shuttling from one micro-project to another and getting into the occasional geek-alpha-wolf argument, and that is a big change.

(I could do without the slews of meetings, workshops and triple-bookings in Outlook, but at least the discussions I'm involved in are much more civilized now.)

Then there's the personal angle. Some of the people I'm working with now are old colleagues (from back when I was either Marketing or moving away from it), and I still get to work with (and be with) most of my old team, so it's an interesting (and comfortable) mix that makes things go a lot smoother.

All I need now is a little more exercise, a little more free time to relax, catch up on my reading and improve my general health, and I'll probably be OK.

Who knows, I might even get over this computing thing altogether.

Nah, I don't think so either. But the rest is pretty much spot on.