Pulling a Mario

No, I'm not going to go on about Nintendo, although I am going to talk about re-plumbing. But I am I not going to feed the surrounding Pipes. After trying them out for a bit, I found them cute, but not really that interesting - they might be great for non-coding folk, but I'd rather deal with feeds in my own way.

Incidentally, it crashes every time I try to use any of the really interesting stuff, such as content analysis. It might come in handy to push upstream some of the filtering I usually do, but I don't expect to do any complex plumbing with it...

Which is why I'm doing a forklift upgrade to Planet Tao - it is now running a new Planet version with a few extra tweaks - including an updated version of Mark Pilgrim's feed parser, which means (among other things) that it ought to deal with UTF-8 a little better.

Things should be a bit wonky for an hour or so, but at least I've stopped short of gutting the thing and rewriting all the code myself.