So, Where's My Tablet?

A quick heads-up for those of you not yet bored out of your skulls with news - I've been cherry-picking my RSS folder for interesting and/or landmark pieces on it, and added them to the .

I've also been perusing the news on the Nokia/N800. Not that I'm considering getting one, after with Nokia and the dismal performance of the , but because I found a rather interesting and refreshing piece that discusses its advantages and (very significant) UI shortcomings without all the fanboyism that the device is usually greeted with.

A minor, personal note on the N800 - I can't believe they were dumb to the point of not doing proper Unicode support - even my Wii can display Chinese sites properly.

Not that its most ardent defenders won't want to gloss over the UI issues, but let's face it, it's the UI that makes the device useful (or merely annoying), and in that regard most portable devices are still a bitter disappointment.

For instance, it's quite telling that, if I were to pay for a PDA these days, I would still opt for a Palm device (most likely a TX), despite its "technical" shortcomings (resolution, clunky fonts, format limitations, no multitasking, etc.) and Palm's utter inability to manage an OS strategy of any kind.

I'm still looking for a notepad/A5-sized device that will , and I'm pretty sure neither the N800 nor the are it.

I'm even willing to skimp on input abilities - for instance, if Sony would get off their backsides and churn out a decent Wi-Fi-enabled with a basic browser, I'd be all over it.

Time to dig into those tablet rumors, I guess.