Random Dips

I really ought to be studying Mandarin, but with over one thousand(!) RSS items, I couldn't bear not to sneak a peek and note a few things:

  • Xfce 4.4 is out, and there's a nice visual tour. Although I'm more of a Gnome guy, one of my ancient battered laptops still runs Xubuntu, and I'll welcome the day when this makes its way to a new integrated distribution.
  • There's a lot of noise about Vista. Here's my take: I want to use it. It would be irresponsible of me not try out, partially live in and try to understand something that will shape a lot of people's computing experience from now on, regardless of my personal preferences (that, my friends, is the difference between zealotry and reality).
  • Prototype has a spanking new site. And yet, I'm mesmerized with jQuery's straightforwardness - Melo is too.
  • Absolutely the best possible review of the iPhone (I don't follow the "this is the next Newton" party line - but it's a fun twist).
  • I hadn't visited Tog's site in months, but all of a sudden his iPhone piece was being quoted all over the place, and I stumbled upon his great quiz on Fitts' Law again. A timeless must read.

In another note, I've taken my USB disk to a new level by stuffing a TrueCrypt volume inside it and tossing in some PortableApps along with my data.

With that and a custom-packaged Citrix client, I have become virtually hardware-independent at the office - think of it as a poor man's Sun Ray with TiddlyWiki and all my Firefox tweaks thrown in.