And Now, Back To Our Irregularly Scheduled Posting

Yeah, well, I've been busy. Sorry about that. No time to keep track of anything outside work, either, except these:

  • Vista was launched today. This is merely for the record, since (like most other people) I am probably several months away from using it. Still, it's going to be fun to watch all those new users complaining about lack of drivers, backwards compatibility issues and whatnot - it's going to be XP all over again in that regard.
  • Skype is being flushed out. I wonder how long the technologists will stick around, and after that how long it will stay afloat.
  • There's a new security update out. Seems safe enough, my iMac hasn't blown up yet. Extra brownie points to whomever kick-starts the whole AirPort exploit controversy again - as if people still cared.
  • Opera Mini 3.0 was released a couple of days ago. It still does not deal with accesskey anchors (at least not on the phones I tried it on), but at least now the menus work better on my Blackberry. Most of the new features (like image uploads) feel like gimmicks, though.
  • Via Bruno, umtsmon 0.4, which might make it easer for the Linux folk out there to get their 3G surfing on. Haven't tried it myself yet, but it looks nice.