Project Blackbox, the Geek Marketing Stunt

Obligatory "box shot"

I'm partial to agreeing with fakesteve (via pfig), but I have to hand it to Sun:

They have managed to capture the imagination of the geek crowd overnight.

Even if Project Blackbox is just a prototype for now (which is a convenient way to disregard how much it would cost in real life, or how truly practical it would be to have black stealth helicopters drop these in your parking lot), this thing is the realization of the "-Mart" that Cringely blogged about last year, and a return to the days when Sun's hardware was truly awe-inspiring.

Now let's see who comes up with the better followup: Sun (by actually delivering this) or Bob (by finding a way of saying "see? I was right all along, only it wasn't  after all").