Wading In

Well, it was a fairly relaxed Monday - but only because I made it so, taking advantage of most people's absence to take a leisurely approach at reviewing the pile of e-mail that accumulated over the past few days.

But although I had some "fun" re-partitioning my M100 and poring over some new data sets (which reminds me, I'm now looking for creative approaches at Graphing and Visualization, so feel free to send me links on those topics), the overall sensation is of things piling up on me.

On the lighter side, pfig dropped me this link to a bunch of Get a Mac spoofs (dig the Linux guy...), and Ricardo Saramago dredged up this unsightly take on a Hello Kitty Darth Vader.

Warning: link is work-safe, but may permanently taint your vision of the Star Wars universe (so much so that I just had to pinch the image myself...)

Finally, the iPhone rumors are rampant again. But the lemmings posting the news seem to have forgotten that the "news" is actually four weeks old - sites just keep on re-posting pretty much the same links, which just goes to show you how much "reporting" is really taking place.