Leisurely Linkage

Besides today being Bruno's birthday (he's shy about it, but hop on over when his site's back and wish him well), there are five other things worth noting:

  • I've been wading through the Core 2 Duo Technical Documents (via Melo, whom is sure to be doing the same), but it's hard to get a realistic idea of just how much cooler and less power-hungry the chip will actually be.
  • The PSP firmware was bumped to 2.8, and so far I see absolutely no (practical) difference. Then again, my use of the console is highly non-conventional - it spends 99% of its time running the browser, which is still limited to Flash 6 support. I wonder if Sony is interested in going any further with this, since no matter what the hardware constraints might be, upgrading to Flash 8 would also enable YouTube videos to play and many Flash games to work. And therein lies the rub - somehow, I don't see Sony letting people run Flash games on the PSP, even if they are as wicked cool as Fl0w.
  • I lost track of IronPython a while back, and I'm glad to see that Microsoft is pushing it atop .NET. Yes, it smacks of "Embrace & Extend". But it is sure to be a hell of a lot more readable and maintainable than C# or Visual Basic.
  • The OmniPlan public beta is now available. I'll pass for now, but will probably sneak a peek when I get back, since it looks oh so spiffy. Pricey, but spiffy.
  • Just for the record, here is a fix for Mail.app's asinine behavior of extending the message list selection when you try to shift-cursor, and an even better fix for this across all Cocoa applications. Mac OS X is very intuitive, but somehow the exceptions to that rule tend to be amazingly dumb.

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