It was a beastly day outside, avoided mostly by watching Over The Hedge (funny, entertaining, but lacking the "wow" factor of Cars) and shopping.

And even though I keep trying to forget about the heat, it only took a glance to my RSS feeds to see that it seems to be a constant factor where it regards s. Besides the the guy who joked about cooking an egg on a , there's also this photo on Flickr doing the rounds.

But I probably wouldn't even mention them if I hadn't again had the opportunity to fiddle with two display models at a store.

Again, there was a white and a side-by-side. The was from the 4H625 series, supposedly manufactured in June, and had a noticeably warm keyboard - worrisome both due to the relatively cool environment of the store and it being an idle machine that didn't even have a screensaver on.

Oddly, the beside it was practically cool, other than the strip immediately above the keyboard. I wasn't able to check the serial number (it was locked), but it gave me some hope that things are improving.

You see, this week I came across two W8621 15" models that were very hot to the touch, so maybe this display model was one of the W8627 series that Daniel got.

Again, we'll see. With these temperatures, even my iBook is uncomfortably warm after a while...