The US$800 Laptop, And Hardware Musings

We've been reading about how Core Duo would herald a new age of computing, switched to Intel, and now it's this laptop that delivers on the "sub-US$1000" .

Very much like a without the design, the OS and quite a few niceties, but with an ExpressCard slot. Hmmm. doesn't sell direct here (and I want something 12-13" in size, not this big and blocky), but if the QA mess isn't sorted out by , it will be hard to avoid looking at s again.

I've read that there will be new logic boards for the that dial down the whining a bit, and maybe the will get fixed too (or maybe I'll just save a bit more and forego my dreams of a sleek, black hacking machine and go for a smallish canteen tray).

Anyone out there who knows the serial number series that ships with the new logic board, please, drop me a line. I'd like to see if they also fixed the temperature issues.

I'd hazard it's the same or later than W8624 - it seems cooler at cursory inspection of the table. I haven't spotted a similar temperature decrease in the stats for the 4H624 s, though.