The US$800 Laptop, And Hardware Musings

We've been reading about how Core Duo would herald a new age of computing, switched to Intel, and now it's this Dell laptop that delivers on the "sub-US$1000" hype.

Very much like a MacBook without the design, the OS and quite a few niceties, but with an ExpressCard slot. Hmmm. Dell doesn't sell direct here (and I want something 12-13" in size, not this big and blocky), but if the MacBook QA mess isn't sorted out by Xmas, it will be hard to avoid looking at PCs again.

I've read that there will be new logic boards for the MacBook Pro that dial down the whining a bit, and maybe the MacBook will get fixed too (or maybe I'll just save a bit more and forego my dreams of a sleek, black hacking machine and go for a smallish canteen tray).

Anyone out there who knows the serial number series that ships with the new logic board, please, drop me a line. I'd like to see if they also fixed the temperature issues.

I'd hazard it's the same or later than W8624 - it seems cooler at cursory inspection of the table. I haven't spotted a similar temperature decrease in the stats for the 4H624 MacBooks, though.