Everyone knows I loathe Podcasting, but I just had to say something about Nuno's new pet project, which I'm trying very hard not to associate in any way with yesterday's Eurovision win - that was upgraded from being the weirdest yearly musical event to rocking confirmation of being the weirdest musical event this side of the Milky Way since the dinosaurs got smashed by a rock.

Those of a more geopolitical bent will remember that The Economist pretty damn nearly called Eurovision "the only vision that Europe deserves", although that sentence was coined by this column in the Financial Times. In light of either of these pieces, I personally find it hilarious that the Finns won, and with a horror rock band to boot. But the whole thing is beside the point, and is added here just to tease Nuno, who will be trying to ferret out any hidden meanings... :)

And yes, I'm teasing Nuno mercilessly - I'm sure he'd expect no less. A more thorough grilling will take place when we meet up for lunch, but for now I heartily recommend you pop over and listen to episode zero.

João says it's great, and that's good enough for me.

No, Nuno, I didn't listen to it. :)