Going Postal

Terry Pratchett does indeed have a way with words - I just read Going Postal cover to cover, thoroughly enjoying the hilarious little details like "12.5%", the spirit of sausages and the Smoking Gnu. Highly recommended, and hard to put down.

Between that and a bout of hardware maintenance (the mechanical kind, with oil, wrenches and that sort of stuff), most of the day melted away very quickly indeed, and I came online to find a few tidbits of note:

  • It's Michael Heilemann's birthday. Hop on over and wish him well, would you?
  • The plugin was updated - alas, it is still unable to display artwork from DAAP servers.
  • The Planet Tao RSS feed was fixed. There was a minor hiccup that threw off some HTML entities - which made most strict XML parsers barf in disgust, and it was an excellent reminder of why I once vowed to completely replace the original Planet code instead of wrapping the output in for cleanup.