Minor Topics

Spent the day mostly offline finishing Feersum Endjinn, a delightful little book by Ian M. Banks. I had been warned that the Bascule segments were hard to read, but I had no real trouble with them (maybe it's from having witnessed the mangling of English, French, Spanish and Portuguese in every conceivable fashion online).


  • David Weiss has joined Planet Tao, and is sure to provide us with yet another original viewpoint on the Mac universe (I'm quite pleased with the current blogroll, which makes for some interesting and varied reading).
  • Amy Hoy has published a "field guide" to script.aculo.us' Prototype-based effects in PDF form.
  • Jim Hughes neatly echoes my feelings regarding how crappy tech weblogs are getting (something I mentioned last week and back when I cut down heavily on my RSS intake). Weblogs Inc. has been one of the main reasons I'm considering going for Bayesian classification of RSS feeds again, unless they start hiring people that can actually write instead of wrapping linkage to their sister sites in inane witticisms...
  • A lot of flat-file supporters like Tim have been mentioning this article of late, and I'd like to throw in my Eur 0.02: All the sites I've run before this one used flat files, and PhpWiki's reliance on mySQL is the only thing that has given me recurring trouble over the years - it's not a coincidence that I'm writing Yaki to work off flat files and building indexes as serialized hash tables. Relational databases are only any good when your data never changes in structure, regardless of how much SQL and Entity-Relationship Kool-Aid you've drunk in college.