Syndication Policy

Yes, boys and girls, I now have a Syndication Policy up. I'm fed up with sites re-posting the entirety of my content without my permission by just grabbing my RSS/Atom feed and running it amidst other stuff to use as a click magnet, so I decided to start tracking down sites doing so - especially the ones running advertisements alongside it.

The notable exceptions that I will not go after and which will always enjoy my complete content are, of course, sites like Asterisco (because it's the best Portuguese geek site, bar none) and Planet Tao (because I run it as a free RSS aggregation service for enthusiasts that share our interests).

It's bad enough for me to post something to the Wiki (a new app, notes, whatever) and see it pop up hours later in high-volume "fast post" sites without any attribution whatsoever, but complete rip-offs that are definitely not web aggregators for personal use really get to me.

Time will tell if I will either change the current site license to deal with this or if I will start fiddling with my feed - probably both.

And here's the first one:

From:    Rui Carmo
Subject: Tao of Mac Full Text Feed And Archives
Date:    April 28, 2006 0:27:57 GMT+01:00
To:      [email protected]


I would appreciate it if you could stop re-publishing the Tao of Mac feed on
your site, as well as remove all the content pertaining to it from your site's

As far as I understand you are in violation of the Creative Commons license
under which I publish, and which expressly forbids re-publishing for
commercial purposes.


Rui Carmo