Getting The Hang Of Tuesdays

Lots of work done today. This is turning out to be a fantastic week for several reasons, despite hints at some karmic rebalancing - very early morning conference call tomorrow, so I'll keep this post short and plunge headlong into some news:

  • Apple released Remote Desktop 3.0, which besides Intel support and a few more features, is still focused on the (dare I say minutely niche?) target of managing a number of Macs. Despite the hype fest that its release generated, I'm less than impressed - again, there's no emphasis on collaboration features (remember my screen sharing rant?) or a sensible price tag.
  • Bob Ippolito posted at length regarding the status of MacPython (and other Python goodies) on Mac OS X. Despite this good news, I'm trying to look ahead - at this point I'm primarily hoping 2.5 will make it into Leopard so that I can start relying on the absolute minimum shipped with the OS again...
  • Still on the Python topic, I am very interested indeed in SqlSoup. I've always abhorred databases (especially the irritating little kinks in various interpretations of what SQL should work like), so anything that hides that (or shoots it dead) is fine by me. Let's have it as a standalone (hopefully standard) module, please.
  • Wow, full versions of ABC shows online. Most likely to be US-only, as usual (and in Flash video or some other non-TVable format), but an interesting trend nonetheless. Me, I can't wait until traditional cable bites the dust (I'm never home to watch the stuff I'm interested, which usually airs at ungodly post-midnight schedules in portuguese channels).
  • Until then, I might resort to something like the Elgato EyeTV 250, which was launched yesterday and looks very interesting indeed (as well as a likely add-on to my old mini if it ever finds itself under the TV).

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