A Hat Full of SSH

Spent a while upgrading OpenSSH across my boxes to support TCP wrappers, adding DenyHosts for good measure. As usual, the old ones are a bit more trouble, but nothing that can't be sorted with a bit o' hammerin'.

I've also started uploading photos for February. Nothing too inspired, but photography has its ups and downs like everything else.

In the meantime, I realize that I completely forgot about the best thing I found all week: J2MEMap picks up where MGMaps let off and supports both Google/Maps and a Bluetooth GPS. It's a bit flaky (crashes on my 9300i and has an absolutely lousy menu structure), but it worked pretty well on my V600i and a couple of other devices, retrieving satellite imagery over UMTS while we cruised on the freeway (and believe me, you'll need UMTS speeds if you want to get decently-sized zoom and continuous updates on the road).

Google Maps doesn't have any decent street data for Portugal, of course, but satellite imagery is more than good enough for the Lisbon and Cascais area. And watching the little green arrow trace your path among real imagery is much better than the usual vector maps (at least in daytime), and feels less like a game.

Which reminds me: on the gaming front, Enigmo 2 looks awesome, and a wee bit less demanding than Quake III Arena - the only game I have installed right now, and which has also been made a Universal binary recently by some third party (hence my not linking to it - id Software ought to do the right thing and push out their own update...).

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