Miscellaneous Hacktivity

I see that Jamie has started porting XDaliClock to . Now, this may be (or may not) be construed as an omen as far as XScreenSaver's future is concerned, but it is sure to make for interesting reading.

As are Miguel's and Erik's comments on these (which seem to have spawned quite the controversy). I, for one, would very much like to see some sort of Mono support in , if only to save me the trouble of learning yet another set of niche/potentially dead-end technologies (I'm not dissing Cocoa, it's just that I don't see any point in developing for it myself given the range of platforms I use).

Jumping from language wars to browser nuisances, I've finally installed Firefox 1.5 on my , largely thanks to Nuno. Yes, it's mainly his fault, but I also needed a decent JavaScript tool, and believe me, isn't it - it's too permissive, and half the Ajax stuff I wrote for it breaks in Firefox.

Remember, kids, develop and test your sites for Firefox first. That way it is pretty damn sure to work with just about any browser.

The fact that the I really need ( inspectors and DOM browsers) finally work with it also helped, of course. But is still my default, with as backup.

In other news, there are abundant fresh rumors of Intel s in January. I will wait until they actually show up, but I guess it's a slow news day, so folk have to keep talking about it.

I have slightly more interesting things to think about, honestly. For instance, I've resumed my hobby of dragging a Cobalt (an ancient -based machine) kicking and screaming into the glorious age of Core 4, one RPM at a time.

Judging by the time it's taking to build and test autoconf my guess is that it will take three days or so to get the right RPM subset to build properly, and it's about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Which reminds me: this site was supposed to have a for installing on the damn things. Anyone happen to know where it's gone? The stuff I can find there is mostly about upgrading ROMs, not about the whole setup process on the Intel Cobalt hardware.