The Reindeer Are Coming

Things are definitely winding down for Xmas (although you couldn't really say that from looking at my work inbox). For starters, everyone seems to be doing the usual "2005 in retrospective" posts - a sure sign they are trying to get them out the door before the holidays.

Mine will be along next week or so - as soon as I'm completely free. So far, there's little to say, so here's some news and the results of a bit of tinkering:

  • Via Melo, Twas The Night Before Xmas - some folk really ought to get out more (or have an eggnog allowance of some sort).
  • Before pfig gleefully points it out to me, here's a link to Ivan's post on the state of Python development for the web. I share his criticism of the Zope bloat, and regret that things like Snakelets go largely unnoticed by the community as they race towards building more (and ultimately pointless) Rails clones. Almost makes me want to dive into Ruby myself...
  • The USPTO is showing some spunk, but then again, they have much face to lose if NTP wins anything on the basis of poorly validated patents...
  • A bunch of folk asked me about MySync today. it lets you sync data across your Macs - it dupes .Mac functionality and seems to go about it the right way (the network protocol seems to be RSA encrypted, and it uses Growl to provide progress updates), but it doesn't do any form of filesystem sync, and I keep wondering if a completely free solution isn't just around the corner (Apple would do well to enable some form of LAN sync).