A Quiet Day...

...spent tinkering with my home machines in various ways (mostly upgrading and cleaning up stuff). I've been putting off a lot of coding

In the meantime:

  • There's an updated version of Python for the PSP, including a tutorial.
  • I tried to get the XMLTV CVS HEAD to work, only to find that it still relies on the (ultimately utterly unreliable) method of parsing this page.
  • I've yet to use OmniGraffle Pro for anything serious (returning to work after vacation kind of took the shine off things), but I find it as good as this review puts it (via Gruber), and more. In the meantime, I've been going through all my Visio stuff and saving it in XML format - for the future.
  • Simon writes about the new Yahoo Maps APIs.
  • Stumbled across Jaws and spent quite a while hunting and pecking through the screenshots - it looks pretty good, but no idea if it's coded right.
  • Tim lists the ways to run emacs on Mac OS X (no, I'm not switching from vim, but I've been known to use emacs on occasion, and the quote from In The Beginning... is exquisite).
  • I've been poring over the Kinkless GTD movies and scripts, trying to figure out a way to do the same either in Windows (it's painful to think I could be using this to curb my amazing workload if I had a Mac at the office) or in JavaScript. So far, reformatting the heck out of my Outlook task view (using category grouping) looks doable, but it is a long way from being this neat...
  • If you still had any doubts that the appearance of TiddlyWiki was a watershed event in JavaScript development, check out this version that integrates jsMath. Fear.