Random Xcode Thoughts

It's amazing it took me this long to start using for stuff. My usual minimalist, works-everywhere setup is screen, vim and a set of reflexes dating from the Age Of Green Pixels, and it has served me well up to now.

But this afternoon I decided to put all that wasted disk space under /Developer to good use (I seldom use it except to poke around in Cocoa stuff). I created an project for my Snakelets tree, pointed its SCM handling at my server, and let it rip.

Fifteen minutes later I fired up Console, dragged and dropped my server log onto it, and was pretty much in heaven. is full of little nothings that remind me from my MPW days (way before I was forced to take up Visual C++ and its mammoth IDE), but a server log viewer doesn't seem to be one of them.

Any -oriented tips for are welcome (I suppose that if I work through my PyObjC mailling-list backlog I'll find some, but alas, there's been no time for it yet).

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