The Lisbon (Pseudo-)Apple Store

A short note with informal feedback from Melo regarding the "Apple Center" (he's driving up North and called to share his impressions with me - more is sure to come in his blog):

  • There were quite a few people there - there is no shortage of demand, far from it. People want to buy gear, and this should be noted.
  • There were no new models - no new stock (all the hardware on display is at least six months out of date, including s), and as to s, there was only a monochrome one on display. No s, no nothing.
  • The teller was sitting in front of a 20" Cinema Display that ran a Windows POS application - now, what does this tell buyers about the technology?

I'll try to stop by this weekend, but right now I'm having trouble with the notion that the experience will be worth it.

But I can type up the bottom line right now: The only way to have a real Store Experience (with caps) in Lisbon still entails going to the airport.

Please pay no attention to the slight detour through London.

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