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Update: Yes, yes, I know that the video iPod rumors are back. Stop annoying me with that - I won't ride that hype train or publish more than this specific link (there are plenty of wide-eyed dreamers out there that will blog and drive it to their little foolish hearts' content). No, I'll just wait for the 12th and see what Apple has up their sleeve.

I'm now in official "vacation countdown mode" and the days ahead seem a lot shorter than last week's, so I won't be wasting a lot of time. As usual, here are five random picks from my RSS feeds:

  • Another example of Internet pundit hype bites the dust - the "big Google/Sun announcement" (notice the order in which the two companies are named) is not about some (as yet unfeasible) Web 2.0-based Office suite. No, it's about adding the Google toolbar to the JRE download (I suppose there's enough bloat for it to be added inconspicuously). My take? There's plenty of vaporware in OpenOffice as is, no need to add more.
  • There's a rumor afoot that NewsGator will be buying NetNewsWire. Even though I only use the Lite edition to test my feeds, if this turns out to be true I will be very sorry to see it being acquired. Update: it's confirmed (via Robert)
  • AbiWord 2.4 was released, and seems to work fine except for a few text overlap issues (didn't do much with it, as I am warming up to Pages as a simple, no-frills word processor with good layout options).
  • Brian Madden collated a lot of information about Longhorn Terminal Services, which is now taking Citrix heads on (again), and will probably introduce subtle breakage into every existing free RDP implementation as well. Nice of them to include IPv6 support, though.
  • JWZ on TV, sort of - a nice intro to what we might expect when those series/seasons finally get bought at discount by Portuguese channels.

Oh, and I finally removed my Orkut account. Despite having accumulated a heap of contacts, the account itself was pretty much useless anyway - never got any enjoyment from it, and social networking doesn't seem like much of a "killer application" for me, except if you intend to kill time.

Which, as of next Monday, I won't have anyway.

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