Hyperlinked PDF Generation?

Dear Auntie Lazyweb,

Thanks for the reply to my earlier letter about Mail.app.

As it turns out, it is an Exchange bug (that also affects that nasty piece of work that is Entourage), and the nice sysadmins are looking into it (they're great guys, and it was just a matter of asking nicely, since they are very good at what they do and like their Exchange boxes to work smoothly).

You'll be glad to know that I'm finally relaxing and spending most of the time napping in the sun, reading, and taking the occasional stroll with my new camera, which I am quickly getting the hang of (you can see the photos here).

Not sure yet what to do with my career in the long run - I know I promised I'd think about it soon (with the next window for MBAs about to open and all), but I'd rather just relax right now.

Anyway, Auntie, I was wondering if you knew a quick, easy and brainless way to generate PDF documents with HTTP hyperlinks in Mac OS X - preferably one that did not involve any Adobe stuff. I'd like to use only what comes with Mac OS X, but freeware stuff is OK.

You see, I've been fiddling with TextEdit, Pages and Word on and off for the last couple of days, but I can't seem to get Mac OS X to generate a PDF with blue, underlined bits of text that Preview will let me click on.

I can make blue, underlined bits of text in many ways, but I cannot seem to get the Mac's printing pipeline to add the extra PDF bits that make them clickable (and it's been too long since I pulled those PostScript tricks in college, so I'm not keen on doing this at the Terminal).

I have thought of using TeX and LyX, but it seems a bit overkill, and some of uncle Steve's gnomes - sorry, elves - might have sneaked in a really easy way to do it somehow - so I thought I'd ask you before going that route.

Please pay him my compliments - he looked great in the Economist piece, and I hope to visit some day.

Your Loving Nephew (by the pool),


P.S.: In the meantime, Auntie, I added this as #4270762 (feature suggestion) for Pages.

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