And I Wanted a Quiet Vacation...

Looks like I may need to revisit my "Why Blogging Doesn't Matter" piece soon, since my commentary on the eBay/Skype deal got quoted by Paulo Querido in Expresso (the nation's largest weekly newspaper).

Having been SMSed to death about it during my very first day on vacation, I am now dreading to open (which, in itself, is not new, given its recent propensity for hanging when deleting .Mac mail).

Here are a few sample SMS and IM messages (the printable ones) so far:

  • "Public acknowledgment, at last - when's the talk show?"
  • "Man, he quoted your piece? You realize people are going to make fun of you for years, right?"
  • "Wow, what a downer, man. Your average readership has to be going to the dogs right now."
  • "Now you're never going to get that promotion."
  • "Ha, that's nothing: seen this? Now that's embarassing." (from someone who is also listed on that page, which names a lot of people I worked with)
  • "Notice any AdSense bumps? Like, enough to buy me coffee when you get back?"

Guess that pretty much sums up human nature.

Mind you, I am still wondering if this is good myself, but then again, I'm tired, still a bit sick and completely fed up with the world at large and just want to get some rest.

I'm off to relax by the pool. By the way, the competition will love to know we have excellent UMTS coverage here.

Photos and more ranting will be posted later.

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